The female genitalia, fanny, flange, grindle, hairy axe wound, clout, muff, minge, beef curtains, cock wash etc etc
Her skirt was so short, i could see her mooie
by Wise Man July 15, 2003
When your friend comes and takes your loot after you die in an online game like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
"Oh great I died, look he's Mooieing all the loot!"
by darts ahoy March 28, 2018
got to wash my mooie.
Let me clean that crap off your mooie.
You got a dirty mooie.
by Val Gratton December 11, 2007
hoser, psuedo pedant, computer geek, web dev, highly fussy and uptight individual, someone who dumps their girlfriend to focus on their art
That mooie you know from school charges way too much for his services
by Cujosan June 27, 2003
When one asks for advice on a particular situation, but ignores all of the advice given. The kicker is when this person still complains about the problem.
Sheri: I really wish my I could get the neighbors to stop leaving their trash all over the courtyard.

Stephanie: Well if you would have listened to the advice you were given you might not be complaining now. Dude, stop pulling a Mooie!
by SnarkyMama May 2, 2011
Meme that describes a nice home with poor grammar. Invented by the YouTube god goolasmo who has his roots in the dutch part of Belgium, the meme literally translates to BEAUTIFULLY HOUSE. To be part of the meme it has to be written in full caps
Picle:"hey ,that's a nice house"
MrTommehgun:"MOOIE HUIS"