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A thick wet muddy clay like substance

The act of kneading a such like substance.
The act of carrying out the kneading,mashing,mixing or moodging of moodge.
Thoroughly combined
Moodged into a paste
by Moodger December 06, 2018
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Pronunciation: ''moodge''
Function: (1) & (2) adjective (3) & (4) noun
Inflected Form(s): moodgiest; Moodged
Date: 2005

1 : sneaky; marked by stealth, furtiveness, or shiftiness <a sneaky trick>
2 : expressive of awe <when something is cool or awesome >
3: to treat with disrespect or contempt < to diss someone >
4: to complain or whine about something
Mike: Sue Young snuck the food out of the cafeteria.
Joe: Really? Oh man sue young is so MOODGE right now!

Joe: Last night Mike whipped out his little dance he made up. It was the MOODGIEST thing ever everyone loved it.

Joe: Sue Young stop being a little bitch and go eat
Mike: ha ha! OH MAN you got MOODGED SO BADLY

Mike: Joe quit being such a MOODGE and go fuck her!
by MYSYJ January 05, 2010
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To tickle someone in such a way that causes them to cry out non-sensical words and become ultra sensitive to even the slightest touch.
Sarah started to moodge Gareth until he was screaming and curled into the fetal position
by beaumains80 February 27, 2010
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