A name used for people that have magnetic powers and are philosophers, but you regret hiring.
Monsoon: "You know nothing about memes Sundowner!"

Sundowner: "Fuck you Monsoon, I'm fucking invincible!"
by 100% not Sundowner June 30, 2022
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A kind lovely friend with a great sense and fashion sense of humor and can be rude but always has your back she is definitely a keeper!!!!
person one : wow that new girl Monsoon is so funny

person two : hey now i want to be a monsoon
by a true freind January 19, 2020
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Kind of like a tropical storm but it can happen in colder regions
by rossy boy July 10, 2006
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N. The act of wearing a full suit of scuba gear and goggles while giving a girl a blowjob while she squirts all over you.
Juan: Hey Jeff what did you do last night?
Jeff: My gf made me put on scuba gear and gave me the monsoon of my life!!!!!
Juan: Right on!!!!
by Djqwonsoloman5000 March 12, 2011
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A step up from a blowjob...A slobbery, seasonal blow of "wind" to the male reproductive organ
Nick's girlfriend gave me a monsoon!
by King of the Burbs March 21, 2007
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It's monsooning out there!

Man, we can't go out on the boat today, it's monsooning.
by mattcarey95 May 17, 2011
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Whilst fucking a female, the male removes his penis from inside the woman, and when she turns around in surprise, the male simultaneously vomits and urinates on the woman's face, simulating monsoon type weather and rendering her completely soaked.
"Dude, did hear what Chad did to Jessica last night?"
"Yeah bro, I heard he gave her the monsoon."
"Knarly bro."
by JardyBoy October 3, 2018
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