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Pronunciation: \muhn`-king\
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English munuc, from Late Latin monachus, from Late Greek monachos, from Greek, adjective, single, from monos single, alone. Dervied from the American sitcom "Monk".
Date: 2006

1. To engage in a psychologically induced state of complete uncomfortability, often brought on by stresses such as; heat, lack of food, awkward social encounters, germs, etc.
2. Another term for a panic attack induced by social anxiety and/or physical surroundings.
3. To display symptoms of OCD, social anxiety disorder, or any other number of psychological disorders displayed by fictional detective Adrian Monk on the popular American television mystery sitcom Monk.
4. An extreme state of paranoia in which one feels as if all surrounding humans are looking at him/her in a negative demeanor.

Chris: "It is so hot in here I can feel the sweat dripping down my back."
Brett: "Yes and this cashier is taking forever, and the peasants waiting in line with us reak of unsanitary conditions"
Chris: "YES! And they are all looking at us."
Brett: "Forget this dude, I'm MONKING!"
(Drops all groceries where they stand and the two head for the door.)
by Chris & Brett July 10, 2008
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the act of locking ones self up in a room, cave, ect. with only stale bread and water to play games such as "halo3" and other xbox games for days upon end without rest.
luke: dude, wheres tom?

adrian: dude, toms off monking halo 3

luke: again? damn, what a loser

tom: (in his cave) w00t! just pwned some noob!
by Adrian T. July 05, 2008
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the act of putting your penis into the mouth of the deceased and then pushing on their stomach so the juices from the body flow over you
id rather go monking than go out with her
by eddie April 20, 2004
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The practice where a venerated wise person or leader (female) is, upon their death, buired for exactly three days. At the end of the third day the body is excavated. Water is pumped into the body via the vagina, and then the juices are allowed to run back out, over the faces of those deemed fit to recieve them. It is thought that by this practice, the knowledge the deceased is passed on to the living.
Tends to be used as an insult - 'yeah, he probably goes monking in his spare time anyway.'
by pringleslid March 25, 2004
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The theft of lawn gnomes, lawn decorations and seasonal decorations.
"Lets go monking"
"I went monking last night"
"I monked a lawn gnome last night"
by Jon Pedersen November 10, 2006
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A term used to describe an individual playing a healer in the game Guild Wars. Most oftentimes, players suck at monking because they over-heal, wasting energy, or lack the ability to concentrate on red bars going down.
Gee, Leon sure sucks at monking. Maybe he should play a W/Mo instead.
by steven steve November 14, 2007
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