One of the worst forms of beating another human being. Usually leaves the victim in the ER getting their ear sewn back on.
That poor mother fucker got his ass monkey stomped and now he's got to eat all his meals with a straw.
by Big Poppa May 5, 2003
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GySgt Fulp's I hate my life dance. The process of stomping both feet while swinging arms frantically in the air, and grunting as if constipated.
As GySgt Fulp realized he was choad like he began doing the monkey stomp.
by Roy October 21, 2003
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To act like a small child, yelling, crying, flailing of arms and legs, and grunting like a stupid chimp.
When Mike's wife told him that she got more satisfaction from their small poodle he began doing the monkey stomp.
by Dan October 22, 2003
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The act of persecution to a male’s genitalia by a swift and efficient stomp to the scrotum.
Running hastily from the fucking scary fast cows, Brian and Nick slipped and fell in a puddle of Skeet only to be savagely monkey stomped on their nut-sacks!! (No worries their skeeters still work...Skeet-Skeet-Skeeeet)
by Billy Talent November 3, 2005
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