11 definitions by Big Poppa

One of the worst forms of beating another human being. Usually leaves the victim in the ER getting their ear sewn back on.
That poor mother fucker got his ass monkey stomped and now he's got to eat all his meals with a straw.
by Big Poppa May 05, 2003
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The act of one of your pets sitting on the floor and dragging its anus (booty) pleasurably along the ground.
My dog did the boot scoot across my carpet, and then walked back and sniffed it!
by Big Poppa April 07, 2005
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a wicked mad smelling man perfume that in small amounts makes girls melt but in large amounts makes them die a thousand horrible deaths
man you WREAk like axe.


omfg he smells like axe. its making me hottttt
by Big Poppa April 23, 2005
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bostons area code where all the true gangstas live
yo i was up in the 617 the other night and some fool got jacked and popped
by Big Poppa January 03, 2005
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it is not the same thing as a gooch. the people who think that are dumb asses. a chode is where your cock is thicker than it is long
you are a chode if you believe it is a gooch
by Big Poppa February 22, 2005
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