someone who is not quite all there in the brain category; they do stupid things, they probably have issues with being gainfully employed, they sit in strip mall bars and talk about their old glory days in high school
He's not going to work today, he's a mongie.
by OBNJ1988 May 25, 2018
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When something is a bit off, a bit weird or retarded looking.
person 1: The Symmetra in that fan art is a bit mongy.
person 2: Yeah, they kinda messed up her face...
by K-a-e-d-e December 4, 2016
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Mongie, bandit of the ass, gobbler of the cock.
80 year old =(_)_)======D (_0_) = Mongie
by Bah January 21, 2004
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A lame ass punk bitch ass pussy mother fucken faggota thats weak in the chin baby back ass bitch nigger cock riding cock sucking cum guzzling ass piece of shit thats not worth the nigger foreskin his mom rapped his bitch ass in
by Ricklamb August 21, 2020
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someone or something that presents as being rough around the edges, shabby or not quite up to scratch.
Janice felt a bit mongie when she awoke with a throbbing hangover and had somehow misplaced her underwear. She had fallen asleep in the deli section of her local supermarket.
by iamnottryingtooffendyou October 7, 2010
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