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Slim, very attractive and well groomed Asian male often from, but not exclusively Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Phillipines and Indonesia who require money from his partners in trade for sexual activities. Money Boys differ from male prostitutes / rent boys due to the fact that Money Boys do not disclose their intentions and most often wait until the deed is done and then demand funds. Often creating elaborate stories of not having any money on them and needing a taxi home or because of a lost/stolen wallet on the way to meet you.
by TheSeperator June 12, 2018
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Tall guy from Vienna, Austria, who had a successful YouTube-Hype with a covered rap song.
-Helps other people achieving Swag or simply turning their swag on, which makes him a Swagger
- Probably has sex with your mother right now.
- Never stops counting Money
- Only person on planet that can mix German lyrics and English lines without sounding stupid.
- Spits crazy rhymes all the day and night.
- Can turn muddy water into sweet champaign.
- Adorable body - no homo - and simply sexy.
A: Have you heard that new money boy mixtape?
B: Unfortunately no, but my mom is somehow digging it.
by Swaggerlicios August 15, 2011
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rentable young male person for sexual intercourse

guy from vienna, austria, who covered soldier boys turn my swag on in german, which is the second language after kangaroospeak. great fun

maybe you should look up wikipedia for homosexuality in china
"zรคhle soviel money jeden tag ich finde es echt geil"
is this money boy serious? i don't know!
by leberwurst December 03, 2010
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