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Monaca is a small town located in Beaver County, PA. It is known for all of the great "Monaca Indians" fans! The people of Monaca are very full of spirit for their hometown and mascot, the Indian. Those who attend/graduated from Monaca Jr/Sr High School bleed Red & Blue, and will always!

The bridge between Monaca & Rochester (Monaca's RIVALS), is currently known as the MONACA Rochester bridge. Every year a High School football game is held between Monaca & Rochester for the title of the Bridge. Monaca holds that title, and will forever hold that title.

Due to the small number of people in the high school, everybody knows each other and became great friends. A bond has been formed that cannot be broken!

The monaca school district will be merging with Center school district, taking effect in 2010. The new school district will be named: The Central Valley Warriors.

Most people are opposed to the change.
Monaca is the shit

I wish I grew up in Monaca!

No town can compare to Monaca!!
by monacaindianas-classof2009 September 23, 2009
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A small podunk town located in the ever lame Beaver County. Monaca is known for having low income housing and white kids who think they're thugs. Most of the inhabitants never leave and therefore the cycle of inbreading continues.

The town was named after a great Native American named Monaca Tootha who was the only known crossdressing Native American to date. Later he would become the crossdressing mascot for the Monaca High School.
So yins wanna go to the draft house in Monaca. Huh??
by Bobbert Bittorrent September 12, 2007
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A very small town that is known for it's cliques. It has the super preppy, super rich, cheerleader && football player types. And nasty ghetto wanna be gangsta types. Every role is clearly defined. Some of the girls from Monaca are hot, but all of them are easy. The Cheerleaders are super full of themselves, and really dumb. They think the entire world revolves around them, and they never really learn that it doesn't because they never leave long enough to see they live in a little bubble.
Wants some good head? You need to go to them Monaca hoes!
by James.B. April 17, 2010
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The most beautiful girl in the universe, inside and out. You feel an immediate connection to her when you meet her. You feel like you've known her all your life because she's the girl you've always dreamed about. Her magnificent and rare beauty may be her weakest point. She is also the most intelligent, witty, and charming woman you'll ever meet. You will never meet a girl who will make you laugh and make you use your brain more than she will.

It's mind-boggling how a beautiful angel like Monica was graced upon the Earth for all those who are lucky enough to cross paths with this chick. This is a girl who has the inner strength of 1000 Goddesses, and the many difficulties she's experienced in life have only made her stronger. There is never a situation that she can't handle. She has been through so much adversity, yet she still manages to maintain that beautiful smile on her lovely face. Further, she goes out of her way to put a smile on others faces too. She is the truest definition of a queen.

If you're lucky enough to date her, drop down to your knees and thank God and the heavens immediately. You can consider yourself the luckiest man on Earth.
Monaca: The name of the most beautiful, most powerful person alive.
by rrrabbit1 June 13, 2018
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