Moms Dad rhymes with hoes mad, so we all should say it instead of moms dad.
"Dude have you heard hoes mad?"
"Nah nigga only moms dad"
by fortnitegamer143communism September 27, 2019
A woman who quite literally is a motherfucker, who is more manly than a father. Typically owns more tools, alcohol, and firearms than most men. Has the fighting capabilities to whoop yo ass. She also possess female capabilities such as cooking, cleaning, and household renovations.
It’s a woman, it’s a man…it’s a STEP-MOM-DAD!!
by BigWhiteCaulk February 10, 2022
when a couple is so cute they resemble your mom and dad 💪🏼 GOALSS
"OMG Jack and Madison are so cute! They are my mom and dad!"
by yabitchwhoknows November 5, 2015
The last people you want to see having sex together
"Mom and dad are such assholes, they won't even let me have a sleepover at Chris's house
by The cat from under your bed November 16, 2020
Them most destructive insult of all time 1000 times worse the your mom gay, your dad lesbian, your granny tranny and your grandpap a tarp put together it would end all living relatives at the time.
Jhon your mom gay

Mike your dad lesbian

Jhon you granny tranny

Mike your grandpap a tarp

Jhon your mom & dad gay together

Mike fucking explodes

Mikes family fucking exsplodes
by Drug-Overdose April 11, 2018
when you are about to rat on your parents for something they dont want other people to hear.
my mom and dad called you round eye.
by nobody else here March 21, 2017