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A comment left by your mother (who you reluctantly added as a friend) on your Facebook. They are typically lame and/or embarrassing and can often be a source of great entertainment for your friends. Momments are frequently deleted.
"Dude, this is killing me! I got another momment yesterday. I swear she checks my facebook daily."
"She has to stop mommenting or I'm gonna remove her as a friend."

Marcia Bronson "Honey, we should talk about this :("
by AriFerrari October 29, 2009
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A moment where you are acting like a mom. You are having a moment when you tell your friends not to drink, swear, or slouch.
"You have a stain on your shirt... holy shit I just had a Mom-Ment!"
by lilrachel333 October 09, 2009
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Mom to adult son: "You could really gain weight living in this city"
Cool passerby: "Ugh, what a momment!"
by Bond Giancarlo April 08, 2018
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The amount of time it ACTUALLY takes you to do what you told your kids you would do "in a moment."
"Mom, can you come wipe my butt!?"
"In a second."
"Oh no, not a momment!"
by Sassafrazzle April 09, 2021
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The kinds of comments that only a mother makes. They are usually a little obtuse and possibly totally obvious.
My mom makes the most obtuse mom-ments sometimes. Like yesterday morning, I was telling her how I was going out with friends and she reached for my arm and said "Now Dear, if you are going out with your friends, you really should change out of your pajamas. Those are pajamas, right? I never can tell the fashion these days."
by bluesbabyjane75 September 08, 2012
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A momment is a comment made by a mother (mom).
Dad: "I'm not spending any more money on the Cubs this year.. they're just terrible."

Mom: "You mean after we go to the gift shop, right?"

Me to my brother: "that was such a classic momment."
by cmkropp May 29, 2011
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