The butt of every joke and the number one answer to every question.
“What’s that nasty smell?” Yo momma opened her legs, that’s what that nasty smell is.

“What’s the square root of 100?”
Yo momma’s saggy titties is the square root of 100, bitch!!!
by A WHITE GUY April 29, 2019
"My kitty's momma just had two more kittens."

"Omg, siblings!"
by Queen Buttrix June 19, 2018
a mom who protects her identity in motherhood while loving her kids. she has found a way to love motherhood and she plays to her strengths. she fights hard for what she believes in. she takes care of herself, her family, and still has fun in life. she believes in grace over perfection, and community over competition. she's a problem solver and pro-active. she's stylish, nice, smart, and confident. she doesn't participate in mom-wars and instead encourages others. she has fun in life. she's pretty much a kick-ass mom. you'd totally want to be her friend.
she is so happy being a mom- such a momma bear.
by momma bear magazine February 29, 2016
An affectionate and alternative referral to the clit or clitoris on your wife or girlfriend.
Jim: What's up Roger? Want to go drinking tonight?
Roger: Can't tonight Bro. Got plans.
Jim: What plans?
Roger: Heading straight home tonight and do a little flickin' on Momma's Bean.
Jim: Engorge it Brahhhh! Engorge it!
by Eaton Holgoode January 26, 2015
Reference to your girl's or wife's tits. Her fun bags. Her milkers.
I was suckin on momma's utters all night like a nursing baby braaaaahhhhh.
by Eaton Holgoode April 7, 2017
Mom, mother, the coolest mom,
you're a special mom
by janseybabe June 22, 2007