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Momina is a beautiful, modest girl who has a heart of gold. When you look at her she posses such purity and noor (light) in her face that you can't help but have so much love for her. She carries characteristics of a virtuous, pious woman with great wisdom and compassion for others. She is known to be very lovable and innocent and has so much beauty both internally and externally that her personality shines through. Momina is the type of girl who is quite private with her life so the more you talk to her the more you want to get to know her. Everyone wants to become friends with Momina as she is someone who is respectable amongst her peers, and is seen as someone who you would always turn to for advice and moral support as she never judges. Momina is the type of girl who is always giving but recieves very little back, she never complains and is always happy. Any guy will be extremely lucky to have a Momina as their girlfriend or even better as their wife, as she is every guy's ideal pious wife so never let her go cos she is one of a kind and you will live with regret if you do. Momina is a sweet, loving girl who is always up for a laugh and can be a bit crazy which only a few people are lucky enough to see that side of.
I need help, I need advice, I need Momina!

Whoa look at her face glow like a Momina

Bro I would marry that girl Momina ASAP if I was you cos you don't know who else might take her off your hands just saying....
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by A.M.Cloud May 02, 2019
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Momina is someone with a beautiful personality. She is someone who is cute and innocent when you see her. She may seem quiet at first and quite shy but once you get to know her she begins to open up her personality which is filled with laughter, craziness and kindness . (She takes time to open up but be patient) Momina is the type of girl who will always look out for the people she loves, she becomes very attached once she gets to know a person and begins to shower them with so much love and care. Anyone will be lucky to have a friend like Momina who will always be willing to help and guide them with her wisdom. As well as any guy will be lucky enough to have a Momina as their wife as finding a girl who is so modest, humble and pure is rare to find in this day and age, you will be stupid enough to let her go away. The name Momina in arabic means 'faithful' and 'truly believing' everyone needs a Momina in their life and that's a fact!
Dude that girl over there looks so cute and innocent, she is such a Momina

Ahhh I need some help and advice, I need Momina
by F.Akame April 25, 2019
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A women who is a angel from the outside and devil form the inside.... she can deceive you pretty easily with a deadly looks.
she is the momina of the class
by skhafshsifo May 07, 2012
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Momina is a pretty , innocent looking girl ,but don't go much closer to her she can push you from the back. Momina is a humble person but not a loyal one....
See that innocent young girl , she's momina.
by Zeeman 3 January 07, 2019
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An evil girl who attacks everyone by spitting acid on them but she will always end up being your best friend BUT don't say the wrong thing or you might die cuz remember the acid thing.

If you catch her when shes not ready she might squawk or wail at you like a harpy. Sometimes she takes on the form of a gorgon.


" What on earth is that wailing noise? "
" oh don't worry its just a Momina in the wild "

" Yo watch out man Momina will come for you "
" oh shit its too late "
* Everyone dies *
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by Radice Bradish October 16, 2018
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