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The equivalent of the male friend-zone- only, for females.
Being mom-zoned is the difference of being asked for a sandwich as opposed to a sammich.
by TheDreamer August 22, 2012
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When she cares about you so much. She makes you her child
"yeah dude i was totally into het. She felt like the one" "so what happened?" "she MomZoned me!"
by Great_Cesars_Ghost May 28, 2014
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to claim someone as being their mom or like their mom
i was flirting with my friend the other day,but then my other friend momzoned me by telling me she was like her mom
by owhahie January 17, 2012
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it's worse than friendzoned

when a girl kicks you so far out of friendzone you're like a "mom to her"
1:00 AM - ruined: ive been momzoned
by Breedyy June 02, 2018
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