Nice person almost average it is a holly name for Muslim
He is a Mohamad
by IAM SUCH A NERD January 23, 2018
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Mohamad is a strong,cute,sexy,man who has a very large penis. If you talk about his girl or one of his friends your a dead man. He will take your girl because of how attractive he is. Mohamad loves his friends and his girl and can impress every girl with his sex skills.
Girl 1: omg look at that boy he is sooo sexy

Girl 2: yeah he is cute his name must be Mohamad
by Hamudi August 9, 2019
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mohamad is a really cool guy if you get to know him and he is really cute and handsome and he can pull any girl and if he go up to a girl he straight up say are you single ready to mingle and he is really funny

Are you single ready to mingle?
Mohamad : are you single ready to mingle

The girl: yes are you
Mohamad: ok bet girl
by Mohamad is cute September 2, 2019
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he is a awsome guy so cute and handsome...
very kind and gentle with his freinds

and a girl whose name is aida always be a good wife for him !!!
mohamad is a muslim
by fixxdissshittt August 15, 2018
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Mohamadou is an amazing man, you can really trust him and count on him. He will ever be here for you. He is also a funny guy. If he loves you he will love you more than anyone and he’s a big flirty.

This man is already a busy man, he never give up
Mohamadou: *sleep at 7pm to 11pm and works the night*
by Moiiii January 30, 2020
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really awesome guy, who is awesome.

1. One who is genuine and real in all aspects of life.

2. A mover and a thinker; a person who does not buy into trends to improve self-image.

3. A generous and giving individual.

4. A person who is really cute

1. You can try all you want, but you ain't no mohamad javad - you're a phoney.

#cool#awesome#hott#nice#body#kind #cute
person:hey did you see that awesome guy?

me: yah hes a mohamad Javad
by Souloptophor August 18, 2018
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A person who has got a wide eyebrow and he always does what he want.
He tries to does the best in his life.
who is Mohamad Mahdi?
A good boy
by some one in dubai August 16, 2018
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