A modernist is a model citizen that Tony Blair would be proud of. Everything has to be new for them, they frown upon and mock anything old or historic. They like and welcome immigrants and neds, they make your heart glad, apparently, and of course they vote labour.
Modernists get right up my nose!!
by Fight these darn people! February 28, 2005
Any writer at the age of twenty. Their head is not together enough to write about anything, but they write just the same. Unfortunately some of them are taken too seriously. Was a lot worse in the 1920s, obviously enough.
Sally doesn't know one end of a pen from the other and tells everyone she's a modernist.
by Fearman January 25, 2008
A handy label you can use to delegitimize the argument of anybody you don't like
The post-modernist neo-marxist left is trying to destroy Western Culture!
by Sitbear November 12, 2020
A disease that usually infects people born into Upper Class Families or kids born in the very late 20th century in the western world. PMS often times includes the following symptoms
• Entitlement
• An Ignorance of Economics and how the world works
• Lack of any of the 8 fundamental Survival Skills
• absence of any type of spirituality

• Rampant Substance Abuse
• Promiscuous Sex Life
• Thinks the Government can solve society’s problems.
•. Politically Correct
• White People = Bad
•. Uses Subjective References like Snopes to back ideology or worldview

• Uses Idiotic Insults such as Racist or Incel to justify their destructive lifestyle.

Post Modernists ideal goal is to end human suffering, but they fundamentally don’t and never will understand that people develop and grow through trials of hardship and pain. It’s quite amusing to anyone that has more than a spinal cord for a brain that PM’s think college debt and private health care is a crisis. They could be that guy on YouTube who is starving in Africa and forces himself to eat Sand to survive. First World Problems though...
Zachary: Dude! Emily is a beautiful girl!... but wtf is up with her whack statuses on Facebook?
Martin: Post Modernist Syndrome man... she thinks women are enslaved and that White people are inherently evil.
Zachary: Wow... that’s a shame. Guess that’s another miserable old cat lady that will consistently blame the man and Free Market for her awful decisions.
Martin: No responsibility or accountability today man, damn shame.
by TheWittyWhiteMale December 2, 2019
Something that is modern with a fancy sounding name
That building over there is very modernistic
by Dbater254 November 25, 2017