19 definitions by Sitbear

A type of boredom characterized by so much yawning tears come out of your eyes
The teacher’s analysis of the blue curtains had me bored to tears
by Sitbear September 4, 2018
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A condition characterized by waving back to a person greeting someone behind you.
I suffer from a bad case of Peter Parker Syndrome. Now every time someone waves at me, I look over my shoulder instead of waving back!
by Sitbear March 19, 2022
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Bernie Sanders but more establishment, less consistent, more gaffe-prone, more idpol cringe, and overall just worse.
At least Elizabeth Warren 2024 is better than Kamala Harris.
by Sitbear March 13, 2021
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A person who is often mistakenly accused of wanting government to control everything and hand out free shit.
The post-modern neo-marxists want to turn 'Murica into Soviet Russia
by Sitbear November 12, 2020
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Like normal capitalism, but SUPER.

While in regular capitalism anybody could become rich, in SUPER capitalism EVERYBODY can get rich because private ownership has been SUPERfied so much that everybody privately owns part of the business they work at.
"Hey, doesn't this SUPER Capitalism thing sound a bit like Market Socialism?"
"Nah, socialism means Hitler."
by Sitbear December 31, 2021
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An investment like money or stocks, except tied to absolutely nothing.
So let me get this straight, the only thing that makes cryptocurrency valuable is people think other people think it's valuable... And that's it?

So what's stopping anybody from creating their own cryptocurrency and inflating the entire market away?
by Sitbear April 28, 2021
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A dump. A shit. A poop. So to speak, Luigi is Number 2.
My dog took a Luigi on the carpet!
by Sitbear July 14, 2019
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