A total control freak. Someone who either has no life or just has fun controlling yours. Can be a parent, older sibling, teacher, pastor, anyone who you're told and expected to listen to.
Man, my sister is such a moderator! She never let's me have friends over on weekdays, but she's always going out to places.
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moderators or "mods"

Worthless,useless little pricks on internet forums whom are entirely unneccessary unless you have some sort of 'off topic' or 'general discussion' type of area but then the mods are totally useless because they are biased little pukes.The solution is either to have no such 'off topic' or 'general discussion' type of area or to just allow total free speech in such an area with "some" hard and fast rules about trolls and spammers.But people debating should just be allowed to fucking swear at eachother in 'no holds barred' fashion.Atleast it's fair.Or just simply don't have an 'off topic' general discussion area.But then the shitty little mods with all of their biases would be out of a job.
No 'off topic' discusion = eliminates the need for moderators altogether.At most you might need a 'guide' to help keep things on topic or a 'bouncer' or 'enforcer' to ban the random dickheads.But generally things run pretty smoothly on their own as long as everybody on the forum sticks to the topic which everyone would do if you didn't have a stupid,useless 'off topic' discussion area.

Mods tend to be very biased and tend to nurture the retards on the forum which just perpetuates the flame wars.Mods are almost as bad as trolls and spammers.
by mods are fags August 31, 2005
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Assholes in a chat room who are on a total egotistical power trip. Like to think they are smarter than you. Generally have health issues of some kind. The admin and her minions work together as an eerie team. They won't hesitate to clique u and treat you like shit. Nasty folks who hate themselves in real life who need to feel like they can control others and issue "warnings". Will be totally inconsistent and call you out for the shit they do, hypocrites. Generally dominant and like to do most of the talking. There will be one mod who is nice, one who doesn't give a shit and just wants to pick up girls, and another who is an attention whore who uses the role solely to get some. The admin will tell the board she's leaving then return all to get some drama going. The most annoying fucking humans you will ever not meet. Should be dipped in gold, then left in a museum. If they don't like you, watch out.
The moderator was a sad sack who in real life had her own mother chained to a radiator in the basement, but in the chat room she was all smiles.
by silverbells7 December 20, 2016
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An "athority" figure in chatrooms or forums who likes to go on powertrips and harass people who are trying to have a bit of fun. They obtain this position by being either: 1. A complete sycophant to the webmaster or 2.devoting their entire waking hours to the praticular site
moderaters are total feltchmongers with inferiority complexes
by Anonymous October 14, 2003
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Some trolls on forums start arguments about every little tiny thing or start lots of controversies by freely offending people left and right,and then the gay faggot mods turn around and ban people for getting defensive over the agressive trolls.

mods are total fags who can't see the truth
Moderators cause almost as many problems as the trolls and hyper spammers do.
by CAPTAIN TRUTH September 25, 2005
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Tend to keep and feed trolls as pets.
Get rid of mods and trolls and spammer-trolls (see spam) and you will have a peaceful forum.If you have zero tolerance for trolls and spammer trolls then you wouldn't need mods at all,just a couple of bouncers to ban the obvious idiots.People should be allowed to have opinions and beliefs and express them but if you can't spot a spammer-troll(spam-bot) or an ordinary troll right away then you have no business being a mod and trying to mediate who can say what because then biases creep in and you've done a shitty job.YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE YOU MODS YOU!
we found a problem:
Example doesn't use the word moderators. Use the word in a sentence.
does now,lmaof
by fuck mods September 29, 2005
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A person who keeps peace and joy in all forums. While some mods can be immature and annoying, some of them are nice, mature, helpful and funny, all at the same time. But that's rare.
That moderator is really nice, he never gets mad at noobs who ask weird questions!
by Grubuchmu February 17, 2008
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