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A college or high school club offered to those tough, dedicated , and intelligent indivisuals who like a bit of a challenge. For the most part, it is a club where one participates in a fake case as either an attorney or witness. It is extremely time consuming , exhausting, but all the while worth it to those awesome enough to handle it.
I'm in mock trial, I have no free time.

I've been in mock trial for the pass 4 years and can kick your ass to china with my awesome skills.
by Kianikai June 21, 2006
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Mock Trial is the most intense activity you can get yourself into. Students play the roles of witnesses, attorneys, clerks, and bailiffs. It requires a HUGE amount of confidence and speaking ability. You also have to be witty and able to handle large amounts of pressure. Mock Trialers tend sleep very little and have no social lives, however, this pays off when applying to college. Mock Trialers need to be very smart in order to keep up with their grades and the high amounts of energy to win!

Mock Triaers are the hardest working people you will ever meet. I 100% gurantee it.
Guy #1: Hey dude, do you want to go to the party on saturday?

Guy #2: No sorry man, I can't. I have a Mock Trial competition in Arizona I have to be at all next week!

Guy #1: Oh, ok. Have fun!
by lilcamifromcali July 28, 2011
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Incredibly gay pretend trail. Where boredom meets gayness.
Guy #1: What club should I join?
Guy #2: Are you gay?
Guy #1: Yes.
Guy #2: I think you'll enjoy Mock Trial.
by BelarusFromDisecYALEMUNFeb06 February 11, 2006
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