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A college or high school club offered to those tough, dedicated , and intelligent indivisuals who like a bit of a challenge. For the most part, it is a club where one participates in a fake case as either an attorney or witness. It is extremely time consuming , exhausting, but all the while worth it to those awesome enough to handle it.
I'm in mock trial, I have no free time.

I've been in mock trial for the pass 4 years and can kick your ass to china with my awesome skills.
by Kianikai June 21, 2006
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A Residence Advisor, Residence Assistant. Someone who is under-paid to put up with the all of the bull shit that higher ups in the University won't. Typically they are seen as authority figures assigned to different floors of a college dorm or residence hall. They are expected to enforce university policy, provide a safe, community-like atmosphere, and plan corny community building programs that even they resent attending. Most notably, they deal with alcohol violations, over flowing toilets at 1 in the morning,and alcohol induced accidents (vomiting, fighting, and what not).
RA#1: Is there frat party tonight?
RA#2: I think so...
RA#1: Fuck my life....I hope the boys don't try to drunkenly shit in the urinals again like last weekend.

I could teach a class on how to sneak in alcohol...but that would be inappropriate 'cause I'm an RA.

RAs...we know drama.
by Kianikai December 31, 2008
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