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Short for Mother-Beeper" Generally used as another word for Mofo or Mother Fucker In some songs played on the radio, bad words are "beeped" out so put Mother w/Beeper and you get Mobee. It's a G rated way to say Mofo since some people(ie. parents, teachers, little old ladies) don't like when people say that and it's an easy way you can call someone a mofo w/out getting in trouble at school or in front of your parents.
Some guy: "Sup ladies, wanna have a good time?"
Jenn speaking to everyone:"Do you guys know him?"
Jessica: Ew, no, he's creepy.
Kellie: "yeah I've seen him at the gym he's a major creeper."
Mallori: "Uhhh, he's staring at us again."
Some Guy: Come on ladies, I know you wanna party w/me, I'm hott.
Cathy:"Why is he talking to us still?
Kasey to Cathy: "Obviously he's a cocky little shit and thinks he can get whatever he wants."
Allison:"Dude, he's really staring and I think he's coming over here."
Some guy:" Ladies, I asked if you wanted to party, I mean who wouldn't wanna party with me ya know, come on I want some bitches."
Jessica to some guy: "We don't even know you."
Some Guy: "I just want some bitches to come to the party man. You'll 18?
Kasey:Dude, let's go, this guys a fucking creepy ass mobee"

by HoneyBunnny3289 January 30, 2009
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