mobagē (モバゲー)

Japanese term for mobile games combining foreigm words moba for mobile and ge for game. "ge" is used in terms such as eroge (erotic game) or galge (gal/girl games) for the same reasons.

Mobile games vary in quality and those usually referred to as mobage many utilize a gacha system with anime stylized art.
Azur Lane is a great mobage.

Have you played Girls Frontline? It's a free mobage.

What mobages have you played?
by Empiur January 1, 2019
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1) To be completely taken for all your money in a mobile game in attempts to advance your character past free player status.

2) to be given very dry, very unwelcome surprise buttsex with no reacharound.
Dude, dont download rage of bahamut! You are gonna get totally mobaged!
by N8dog640 August 2, 2014
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The act of repeatedly being screwed over by the promise and seldom reward of high value rewards for purchase.
Joe - "They kicked me in the balls and stole my wallet"

Jason - "Sounds like you've been Mobaged Joe"
by Mobash March 8, 2014
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Mobager is another word for a person who has a big bum, ass or booty

Mobager originated from Pretoria typically used by people in Pretoria Boy's High
Wow!! That girl has a lot of Mobager
by MontanaMadeSandman September 3, 2017
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Combination of Mobile and Garbage, describe 99% of mobile game out there.
A: Check it out ! Valkyrie Profile Origin confirmed !
B: Don't care, it's just mobage anyway.
by soulation April 11, 2016
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