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mobagē (モバゲー)

Japanese term for mobile games combining foreigm words moba for mobile and ge for game. "ge" is used in terms such as eroge (erotic game) or galge (gal/girl games) for the same reasons.

Mobile games vary in quality and those usually referred to as mobage many utilize a gacha system with anime stylized art.
Azur Lane is a great mobage.

Have you played Girls Frontline? It's a free mobage.

What mobages have you played?
by Empiur January 01, 2019
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Weebunism is defined as the ideal that all waifus deserve love. Weebunists believe that all waifus deserve to be lewded or sexualized indiscriminately, regardless of preferences, while preferences are certainly allowed. All are given a chance.

Originally put to practice in the naming of a guild in the Anime-stylized moe bullet hell gacha mobile game (mobage) known as Azur Lane. Weebunism tends to conflict with Waifuism where one is to dedicate themselves to one particular waifu monogamously.

The word Weebunism's etymology originates from the word Weeb (shortened form of Weeaboo) and Communism, despite no connection to Communist or Socialist thought. Waifu equality is not the same as material equality.

Slogans include:
"Equal love and lewd for all waifus!"
"Seize the means of doujin distribution!" (parody of Communist/Socialist slogan, "Seize the means of production!")
Weebunism isn't Communism.
Weebunism is for waifu equality!
by Empiur January 01, 2019
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