Anal sex, only unexpected. If you were suddenly penetrated anally, you'd be surprised too.
by Forced anonymous March 30, 2006
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A 3rd of Ameretto a 3rd of vodka and a 3rd of baileys Irish cream. Pours in a shot glass vodka 1st then ameretto then the baileys and enjoy.
Delicious shotty aka the beat shot ever called surprise Buttsex
by DjoneZ October 30, 2011
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Surprise Trombone Buttsex

Where trombones yell surprise buttsex and bang their bells together so that the noise echos in the room. Before engaging in trombone buttsex it is encouraged to lube your self up with cream, slide-o-mix, water, or all of the above.

Usually gets strange looks from everyone in the room.

It doesn't have to be with the brass trombones, because trombone is also a code word for boner. It is possible for a man and a women or a man and a man or even a women and women (if parts are there) to engage in surprise buttsex.

just go up to the partner, yell suprise, and pull down your pants and their pants and in engage in angry buttsex without lube.

Lube is optional but if u want to feel anything tmrw use it.
horny man 1: What sex?

horny group: Butt sex!

horny man 1: What sex?

horny group: Butt sex!

Together: Surpise Trombone Buttsex!

(then procede to engage in buttsex or trombone buttsex)

horny man 1: hey

girl 1: hey

horny man 1: Surprise Trombone Buttsex!
by creatorofsuprisebuttsex October 4, 2009
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