An abbreviated term for "modern contemporary". Usually refers to design of that particular style.
by Easy-N August 15, 2004
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(n), The moment when everything becomes clear. The point in time when realisation dawns and previous confusion is replaced with clarity.
eg Usage "I've just had a moco" meaning "I've just had a moment of consiousness when the penny has dropped"

Archimedes in bath arguable shouted "It's a moco" rather than "Eureka" - it was a long time ago.
by GoMoco February 04, 2010
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Moravian College, term used by students of Moravian College
Also used to describe Moravian Campus Police Force
MoCo is a small college, almost like a public high school except that you have to pay for it, and live there.
by Douglas West November 28, 2005
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MoCo is an attempt by the citizens of montgomery county to better themselves by emulating the James Rouse inspired utopia known as Howard County. Howard County has long had the implied copyright on *Co abbreviations, and therefore MoCo, as a term, as well as an abbreviation is truly an abomination of all that is Maryland in Spirit.
Montgomery County Resident: What up, im from moco.

*Resident is beaten and gangraped by representatives of neighboring counties*
by HoCo December 08, 2004
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The county where Churchill rules over all, and where every other school talks trash cuz there jealous
Other school: Ew, those churchill kids are SO not cool
Churchill kids: Dont hate cuz we have what you dont, we know you hate because you wish you could be like us
by MoCoModel January 06, 2005
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A place half as rich but twice as snooty an NoVa.
NoVa'n: hi there
Moco'an: hi there inferior person
NoVa'n: *audible sigh* you're from Montgomery County aren't
MoCo'an: yes, yes I am; and might I add that we're number
13 in richest national counties?
NoVa'n: open your eyes. stop bragging. there's always
somewhere better. not only better but less
obnoxious. *raises limosine window and drives away*
*to himself*- besides, we have number 2,3,and 8; but
we'd never say it.
by 12wq January 03, 2006
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the backwards ass country place where rebel flags fly and there are only two stoplights. No inbreeding cause we are too fucked in the head to know who our sisters are. holler holler
" Damn dave you hear about the drug bust in MoCo, the goddamn cops sniffed all the blow and still arrested the dudes. The pigs also got blowjobs and fucked the goats."-- MoCo native
by dookesmeller March 03, 2006
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