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1) doing work
2) pimping
3) networking
4) selling
5) possessing too much chi (the energetic force behind all life)
6) gettin’ ‘er done
7) being a social butterfly
8) coming through in clutch situations
9) living the dream
10) working hard
11) “climbing the ladder”
12) being a celebrity
13) recruiting
14) motivational speaking
15) dancing
16) groovin’
17) performing generous acts
18) recommending
19) rollin’ like a big shot
20) hustlin’
21) competing
22) making “it” happen
23) the act of an EPIC food fight taking place: WAFFLE ICE CREAM CONES & SHELLS & CHEESE!!!
24) LOVING LIFE = mixing cakes. (that’s why the master cake mixer defining this definition is the “Betty Crocker” of cake mixing & teaches the collegiate courses: “mixing cakes 101”
26) multitasking efficiently
27) giving for the return of good karma
28) being "cocky"
29) possessing a fountain of knowledge, yet always learning more
30) having swagger
Mixing cakes is the act of doing something very well and loving it; knowing your shizzle; running the show and being successful.
by jacky5er September 26, 2010
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The act of covering male genitalia with Pillsbury cake batter and inserting it into a vagina (or anus) and let it cook until the cake is golden brown and fluffy.
"Hey why didn't you call me this weekend?"
"I was mixing the cake with my girlfriend."
"oh sweet man!"
by ThomasGuy December 18, 2014
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i wanna make a cak but im outta cake mix
by Louie Kay September 1, 2006
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This is where two people are having intercourse, and a person comes up and cracks an egg on the girl. Then, they throw cake mix all over her and yell, "Cake Mix!!!"
So, me and my friend cake-mixed this bitch last night.

Oh no, not the cake mix!
by Will HHHHHHH September 30, 2006
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Street name / slang for the powder form of the drug fentanyl.
Yo bro, you got any cake mix for sale?
by L0s3rvill3 December 11, 2020
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