when someone takes charge of a situation and or take the lead in a activity.

or when one plays by their own rules.
Jack is winning at poker "Jacks running the show tonight"

Everyone disagrees with Marshall's decisions, "Shut up i am running the show now"
by tomito March 4, 2009
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(adverb) How devout members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) describe the attitude and actions of an alcoholic who is not following the principles of the Twelve-Step program and the Big Book.

They believe that this person does not "know how to take direction."
"Sandy still thinks she can drink only on weekends and stop during the week. She continues to run the show."
by Twelve-Step slang November 20, 2004
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When you are playing call of duty and you are destoying the enemy team single handedly
when somebody is dominating in a video game and they get a MOAB they Run the Show
by Jimmy Dropshot April 2, 2012
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I ran show at the hockey game yesterday

Scouts are watching, man i need to run show
by fuckyoujfree May 24, 2007
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To be in charge, to dominate, to be winning, to be the best, to be the center of attention. See also Dangle or Own
Jim: Yo man, were you at the party last night?

John: Yeah bro, we ran show at flipcup.


Steve: Man, we totally crushed the other team last night.

Mark: Yeah dude, we were running show all night.
by CanadianDefinerDude December 10, 2008
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To completely dominate someone in all ways possible. Usually used in online video gaming but can be used in other things as well.
We've All been there.. ur sittin and playin ur xbox 360 whether its C.O.D 5 or halo 3 or whatever and ur in the pre game lobby and theres always that one little (my balls still haven't dropped yet) kid being loud and obnoxious and just won't shut up and for some reason decides to pick ur gamertag to start chirpin.. ohh you suk im gonna kill you and on he goes.. so in response you say.. Buddy, I'm Gonna Run Your Show!!
by 2K-Turner October 24, 2009
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