If you don't know where you stand with somebody, I'd say your moral compass isn't the only one that needs repairs.
Alan- I don't know where I stand with you boss.
Dave- The same place you were standing a minute ago Alan, you're standing directly in front of me, so until you choose a new set of coordinates that is where you stand with me. What is the misunderstanding here?
by Solid Mantis April 24, 2017
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When two people try pursuing a relationship and run into a road bump where one knows what's going on and the other is confused and could jump to conclusions. A lot of relationships end like this sadly.
Joe: Why were you with Christian?

Vivienne: Are you jealous?

Joe: you're damn right I am, I loved you, you could of at least told me you weren't interested when we dated.

Vivienne: *no comment*

Joe: It's over, good riddance, now you can be with Christian.

Vivienne didn't know how to settle this misunderstanding resulting in heartbreak.
by ImSoNEW February 26, 2016
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when there's some non-communication going down.
the fact that she was mad at him and he was oblivous to the fact that she was serious was making me think there was some misunderstandment going on between them and they had to talk it out.
by corn. October 14, 2009
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When one person says or does something insulting or hurtful to another person and later avoids the apology by stating that the entire situation was simply a misunderstanding.
Amy: "Brian I cant believe you called me a douche bag in front of my parents..!"
Brian: "Amy, I think this has been one big misunderstanding.."
by some guy that knows some stuff September 2, 2017
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1. A clever phrase used by guys to sound sincere when propositioning a girl for sex.

2. The politically correct way to say, “We fucked.”

3. The desired outcome of spitting game or puking game.
1. "Excuse me, Ladies. May I interest any of you in a romantic misunderstanding?"

2. Mark: "So, did you guys hook up?"
Rory: "We may have had a romantic misunderstanding..."
by Thickburger421 May 15, 2007
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