to take an extremely large and painful shit, usually filling the toilet, and any other containers near it (trash, sink, and possibly bathtub, depending on the intensity of the missoula.)

Home of the Griz.
Sorry guys. I gotta go destroy the toilet. I think I've got a Missoula coming
by Dvorak Shfilkins May 2, 2011
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When it snows and miss a connection on a Delta flight by 10 min., they will administer the Missoula Reroute. They'll first suggest that you fly the entire next day with three or more connections, most of which you will probably end up missing, and arrive at your final destination at around midnight. After a lengthy argument, they will figure out that there is indeed a better option that will get you within driving distance of your destination in just a few hours. This will ultimately end up sending you on a treacherous journey through snow-covered roads with elk and deer jumping out after every turn. It ends up being about as pleasant as being plowed from behind, something they don't do to the roads in Idaho or Montana.
When administering a Missoula Reroute, say: "I'm sorry, it's snowing outsite. I'm going to have to fuck you in the ass."
by DeltaSucks December 25, 2010
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Not really even unique to Missoula, the missoula monoculture can actually be found in other, similar wannabe hippy but sort of rich towns across the west. The chicks are all sort of hot, the dudes all have beards. They each wear hoodless down patagonia jackets, carharts, and bring their kids to the bar/brewery. Their lab is in their subaru parked outside, which they will later drive to their modest 2br house which looks like every other house for miles in a haphazard subdivision.

They are into skiing, riding their bikes, climbing, etc.

They look like they are models for an LL bean catalog.
Check that chick out - she's almost sexy.

Bro bra, she is a card-carrying member of the missoula monoculture. hope you're ready to live the active lifestyle

Man, I went to snowbowl once, no thanks.
by thecrusha December 14, 2010
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the best place in the Last Best Place.
someone from someplace like Greenwich: I wish I was from Missoula, Montana, where the children run barefoot, learn from the trees, and dance with the drifters. where the people are taught by massive lumberjacks to throw large objects, such as moons.

Missoulian: I know.
by throwmoonsmash December 18, 2011
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The worlds smallest airport with the most workerst for the TSA do to the fact that the bitter Root Valley is Poverty with a view! Beware come to the airport a least 2 hours ahead of time cuz montanas take it SLOW!!!
Ok well we have 20 more mins till the plane takes off we start going through TSA then we miss our Plane in the world Smallest Airport!!!!!!Wecome to Missoula airport!
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A marriage of the pittsburgh steamshovel and a skullfuck. Taking a shit in the empty eyesocket of a one-eyed hooker, then squishing your cock into it. Extra points awarded for the famed "Eye to Mouth" move afterwards.
Stump: I got rolled by a one-eyed hooker last night

Nick: How?

Stump: I just finished giving her the Missoula Mortar and Pestle, then she slapped me with a crowbar and took my wallet
by MaximillianBadberg May 26, 2011
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