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Not really even unique to Missoula, the missoula monoculture can actually be found in other, similar wannabe hippy but sort of rich towns across the west. The chicks are all sort of hot, the dudes all have beards. They each wear hoodless down patagonia jackets, carharts, and bring their kids to the bar/brewery. Their lab is in their subaru parked outside, which they will later drive to their modest 2br house which looks like every other house for miles in a haphazard subdivision.

They are into skiing, riding their bikes, climbing, etc.

They look like they are models for an LL bean catalog.
Check that chick out - she's almost sexy.

Bro bra, she is a card-carrying member of the missoula monoculture. hope you're ready to live the active lifestyle

Man, I went to snowbowl once, no thanks.
by thecrusha December 14, 2010
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