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When it snows and miss a connection on a Delta flight by 10 min., they will administer the Missoula Reroute. They'll first suggest that you fly the entire next day with three or more connections, most of which you will probably end up missing, and arrive at your final destination at around midnight. After a lengthy argument, they will figure out that there is indeed a better option that will get you within driving distance of your destination in just a few hours. This will ultimately end up sending you on a treacherous journey through snow-covered roads with elk and deer jumping out after every turn. It ends up being about as pleasant as being plowed from behind, something they don't do to the roads in Idaho or Montana.
When administering a Missoula Reroute, say: "I'm sorry, it's snowing outsite. I'm going to have to fuck you in the ass."
by DeltaSucks December 25, 2010
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