The one girl who Brendon Urie never really told us about. He decided just to make out with her instead and wait until we had asked. All the stars shine on her skin and he holds his head up like he has an ego. Is there something wrong here?
Oh yeah.
Miss Jackson was a white pagan with black hair he had met at a party.
Don’t believe him. It was probably a strip club.
Me: Have you met Miss Jackson?
Him: ooh, I bet she’s really hot
Me: nah, she’s probably a Miss Jackson that cheats with other men.
by Jane Fairchild June 24, 2019
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A woman who is a cheater, or one who like to have sex with alot of men. Derived from Panic at the disco's song Miss Jackson.
"She's such a Miss Jackson!"
"I heard you were with that Miss Jackson last night?" "Who hasn't?"
by Mister Jackson March 10, 2016
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Yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas
Mamas, mamas, baby mamas, mamas
Yeah, go like this
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (oh), I am for real
Sorry miss Jackson she did the Nasty with you husband 😃
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd October 11, 2019
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Shaggy haired, one-eyed, fiddle-playing wannabe PE teacher cross Morgie's mother
Miss Jackson in da house, oo oo
by weallyiwwitating June 22, 2003
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Whenever someone says sorry miss Jackson, what's the implications
by GB0069 September 16, 2021
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