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The characteristic of someone being a women hater. Pretty much then they think of all women as the same in a negative way.
EX:Girls cant be drummers. They suck and have no rhythm.
Faggot: "Mindless Self Indulgence is so misogynistic!"
Little Jimmy Urine: "How are we misogynistic with two girls in the band?!"
by Miscere-Suite July 27, 2008
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Misogynistic: A prickly, AND unwelcoming attitude toward the female species of the human race.
Misogynistic...I have a family that has my five brothers and six sisters in it. All expect their wives to wait on them, AND be ready for them when their needs arise and therefore, I see them as Misogynistic even though they have children by these women. My sisters ,demanding of their husbands, make sure my bro-in-laws know who's the boss. I was born twenty years later, and have no say in how my life panned out compared to theirs, accepting my fate, so long as I'm told to keep my mouth shut and accept the large monthly checks and not ask where the money comes from. Good day
by Alex Van den Kellar March 11, 2017
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Any human being who don't believe in Religion of feminism.
This guy dosn't want his wife to be fucked by strangers, He is a Misogynistic.
by Kazaro May 16, 2016
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