Someone going in the wrong direction. ( both literally and metaphorically.)Mislead in the path of life.
Carly is definatley misguided! ( we should call her that!)
by merry christmas carly December 19, 2008
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The majority of the girls who posted pictures under the definiton of "hot" or "hottie"; see also 'overrated' or 'wrong'
That first Asian chick is WAY misguided.
by Batswana Bob January 8, 2005
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Used to explain somebodies complete lack of accuracy whether in physical sports or in their views and opinions
by BoredBlogger December 16, 2010
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Taking your child out on the lash. The first reported case was Touriye in Salou. Having your child/ mascot suffer injuries in your care. e.g having their head bitten off or being buried alive.
There was some parental misguidance going on in the club last night.

That lass is subjected to parental misguidance every night of the week.
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abbreviated as USMC. a synonym for US Marine Corps.
I can't believe you went and joined up with uncle sam's misguided children.
by Broan October 26, 2007
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A political community of prejudice, bitter, freedom hating Christians who do nothing but spew racist and homophobic bullshit while stewing in their own hypocrisy.
“You joined Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children? I didn’t know you were a Klan member!”
by TheRealMajora March 29, 2018
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A word used by science-illiterate individuals to patronizingly describe science-literate debate opponents as misinformed.
Marjorie called me misguided because I think 81,283,261 is greater than 74,222,960.
by dontpanic1971 February 3, 2021
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