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Miscegenation comes from the Latin "miscere", to mix, and "genus", race; therefore means to mix races resulting in a hybrid offspring.
Miscegenation is and will always be a taboo.
by OneBadAsp November 05, 2006
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The mixing of races. Disregarded as heresy by scumbag liberal internationalists who ignore the centrality of culture.

Also, from an evolutionist's perspective, people migrated and adaptated to their environs, evolving further from within seperate enclaves that led to different ethnicities and cultures taking form. However, to say one cultural or ethinic group is better than another is a form of racism. Interestingly, those who enjoy cultural sampling are often the misinformed supporters of miscegenation, as well as disempowered minorities.
1. The proponent for miscegenation was thoroughly surprised when the cultures of the world died out altogether, since supporting purity was a form of intolerance.

2. The miscegenist was a humanist, foolishly believing that our "differences" were the cause of wars and racism. He or she was laughingly uninformed.

3. The selfish and culturally unaware miscegenist failed to effectively study the Balkans.

4. Miscegenation and "having as many children as you want" will result in an overcrowded, individualistic and materialistic planet Earth.
by Kwon Meukaktaia March 04, 2006
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The mixing of people from different racial backgrounds in marriage.
Urban Dictionary, despite its supposedly open forum setting, was too PC to include a definition that warned of the disappearance of culture and ethnic identity that occurs with miscegenation.

Those who enjoy culture-sampling are often the misinformed supporters of miscegenation.

For some reason, mainstream media and Hollywood are doing their best to encourage miscegenation.
by Mike Lewis III March 20, 2006
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Marriage and or sexual relations between two people of a different race.

The term is used primarily as a derogatory by bigoted white supremacists. They hate miscegenation, because of the idea that eventually every human will be of the same colour, essentially one world race. They claim this will destroy culture, but thats bollocks because when last i checked culture is not defined by race. No i think the real reason they hate miscegenation is because if every human was the of the same colour, the bigots wouldnt be able to derive their self esteem from hating people who are different to them.

And just for the record, the "one race" theory only applies if you believe that evolution in humans has stopped, which it hasnt.

So fuck all you fascist nazis, no one is forcing you to mix with other races, what gives you the right to try to force us not to?
If the anti-miscegenists got their way, millions of people would be forced to split with the person they love, how can anyone justify that?

Miscegenation is NOT a taboo amongst normal and rational thinking people
by nazi cunts fuck off November 17, 2008
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A beautiful thing that happens when two people of different races are able to start a family.
Main opponents of miscegenation are white supremacists who are obsessed with the "purity" of the white race.
by the birds and trees April 06, 2007
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The term white supremacists for race mixing. Miscegenation is based on a misunderstanding of genetics; that the superficial differences between various human social groups actually means something on a genetic level. Humans are in fact remarkably homogenous worldwide ( Moore, Randy, 2004. The dark side of creationism. The American Biology Teacher 66(2): 85-87.)
You can have as many children with whites and non-whites as you wish because frankly, it doesn't matter.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
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