Misaki is the type of person you can talk to about anything. She’s always there to comfort you with a joke or a hug. She’s pretty but doesn’t know it and looks amazing in almost anything. The way she laughs makes you want to laugh with her and her childish personality makes you want to become friends with her.
Have you meet the new girl Misaki?

Yeah she’s so nice
by Capitals05 November 23, 2020
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Some almost as cool than Wheels
Wheels”you’re not as cool as me misaki
Misakiyes, you’re correct wheely
by Whblue August 12, 2023
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“Hey do you know Misaki Okusawa?”
“Oh yeah, isn’t she dating Kokoro?”
by Hibi.Ghost June 12, 2021
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A crazy writer who wrote the unironically really good Gacha series “ Zodiac Signs” which episodes are almost about to 40-1 hour long. Also all the characters are Psycho bitches
Amber misaki? The creator of The zodiac sign Gacha series? She’s crazy.”
by T3R3Z1_PYROP3 December 5, 2022
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The reason God created Japan. An angel among us.

A Japanese actress and model. She is a model in CanCam fashion magazine and has been in several Japanese TV shows and films, including the film version of Juon, You're Under Arrest, and Gouksen.
Misaki Itou's new ads in CanCam are nuts. She's a goddess!
by Kikuchiyo August 2, 2004
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A tiktoker with 700 followers that loves her culture, rize and light
«omg misakys posted» «what did she post» «some random shit abt a playground»
by Nasilsin April 29, 2022
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My stupid OC who killed 18 men, a Rei Ayanami EXPY, and is in love with Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia.
"Have you heard of Misaki Hitokiri?"
"Yeah, I heard she's weird."
by IEatBabiesAlive May 10, 2022
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