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Soem copmayn in Washintgon wehre peolpe maek sotfwaer but can't sepll wroth shit.

See Microsoft.
Hey Jamus! Didja heya? Unca Billy-Bob's secun cousin is ova thar workin fer Mircosoft.
by karlthepagan January 10, 2004
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if you say mircosoft pretty slow it kind of sounds like '' my cock is soft''
hey can i touch your mircosoft?
by nemi March 24, 2005
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Mircosoft = plug-n-pray click-n-crash ( waste my time )
Mircosoft burns time.. Time is money. Time is life. You only have x amount of time or money!!!

let's say 20 million users spend 1/2 hour a day booting or pounding the keyboard NIH
10 million hours X 200 days or 2 billion man hours per year X 10 years = 20 billion hrs.

Bill is a bad boy
by itichie_nocanpo October 18, 2006
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