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A muslim hipster.

The term originated in 2012 with a small group of friends in New York who jokingly called themselves Muslim hipsters. Though they hesitated to form an official group -- " hipster rule number one: never self-identify as a hipster" -- Mipsterz quickly evolved into an online community, and the group has garnered international attention. - CNN dot com, quote.
That mipster's hijab was gorgeous coupled with her princess collar croptop.

Aahil was undoubtedly handsome. The well groomed beard, the curve of his hair, everything, even down to his suspenders and ankle boots screamed " mipster".
by fxcail October 02, 2017
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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A hipster who lives in the Mission District of San Francisco. Wears studded belts, Deisel anything, and is ambiguously gay. Says things like "Clean is the new dirty," with no sense of humor. The antithesis of the Marina Girl.
Can you believe that Mipster tried to sell used Converse at a garage sale for $45?
by jslprick August 07, 2006
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A Mainstream Hipster

Someone who is slightly hipster, but only because hipster is part of the mainstream style. They buy their clothes from mainstream shops because they are fashionable. They are hipster because it's the mainstream. They listen to primarily chart music, but some of this is a little indie/alternative because it's in the charts (eg Ed Sheeran)
Typical mainstream girl "FUN. are such a good band, i think i should go see them in my new creepers."

Stranger "What a mipster!"
by CDGM February 20, 2013
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A hipster living in the Marina district of San Francisco. Mipsters subscribe to a similar type of musical tastes (indie), transportation preferences (fixies), and clothing as their Mission brethren, but are arguably more hipster due to the uber-ironic fact that they live in the Marina. Loves retro-cool accessories like pork pie hats, suspenders and converse. Usually not donned with any permanent hipster traits like tattoos though.
Look at those mipsters shopping at the American Apparel in the Marina.
by sinnedsf August 24, 2009
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Someone who has a really hip sense of fashion, but also wears mostly striped shirts and is simultaneously a mime.
Friend 1: Why does that guy never thank me when I compliment his outfits?
Friend 2: Haven't you heard dude? He's a mipster. He can only mime.
Friend 1: Ohhh, ok.
by Mipsterlover2121212 July 30, 2018
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Used to describe many subcategories of hipster, the one we are referring to now is that which is intended to mock the ever trendy mom.

You know the type. They buy Honest Company everything. If you look closely, you might find that the changing pad even converts to a yoga mat; and if it doesn't, well- she can wrap a Moby (not the DJ) tight enough to safely get into her sunrise cat cradle scratching dog pose.

The child of mipster is fashionable; with an array of ORGANIC cotton onesies and expensive ORGANIC cotton hand knit hats in the shape of cutsie little animals, (hoo doesn't love owls?), that all perfectly compliment the unisex ORGANIC cotton Flashdance Rainbow Brite throwback legwarmers.

Chances are, they are on an alternate immunization schedule too, and they'll be attending a chicken pox party soon. But don't worry little one, mama made you a chia seed and breast milk smoothie to keep those viruses at bay, (picture and recipe on Pintrest, of course).

No, we aren't bagging on your choices ma- just pointing out that you might not be as independent as you think- because you my dear, in all your rebellious glory, are still indeed as trendy as they get. The good news is, you really do love your kids, and that translates to them growing up to be amazing adults, (after rebelling against their parents and overcoming their childhood, just like the rest of us did).
"Only mipsters spend $25 for a package of 40 newborn disposable diapers and then preach about the need to recycle."

"I'd really love to attend a PTA meeting and have the option of eating something overly processed with peanuts, gluten, dairy, and meat in it.... but no, the world has been taken over by crunchy mipsters. "
by MamaRacha October 13, 2014
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