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A person, usually among the young demographic, who consistently wears plaid shirts and skinny jeans. They go for the 'hipster look', however, they generally still listen to mainstream pop and hip-hop, which defeats the purpose of their efforts. (They may also listen to 'alternative' like Mumford and Sons or Death Cab for Cutie's new album). Mainstream Hipsters will generally group together to form their own clique of MHs, however, they can be spotted among other social groups occasionally.
Mainstream Hipster 1: "Omg, did you know that Ben Gibbard used to have this band called The Postal Service? Omg, that was like, so long ago."
MH 2: "No way! That's soo cool. Death Cab for Cutie is like, my FAVORITE. They're sooo hipster."
MH 1: "omg I know."
*real hipsters walk by, listening to Jinja Safari and Arctic Monkeys*
Real Hipster 1: "Wow, look at those Mainstream Hipsters."
Real Hipster 2: "Hipster fail."
by Lucero3 April 04, 2012
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