So class its so un-fuckin-believable.
Whoa! John is Mintage!
by Snowy November 30, 2004
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combination of the words mint and vintage. It is used to describe any suitably old object which is in perfect condition.
"M8 ur car iz old"
"Nah m8 Nah, what the hut! Dis car iz mintage!"
by 00Lemon November 13, 2005
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In fashion, describing the phenomenon/trend in which clothing manufacturers have appropriated vintage style by making new clothing that looks old.
Ex 1. "Wow where did you get that sick coonskin cap?"

"It's just mintage buddy, I got it at the Gap."

Ex 2. "This mintage craze confuses me, why would anyone pay 50 bucks for a fake old t-shirt when they can get a real old t-shirt for like 5. "
by dhchen October 20, 2008
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A word invented by my nerdy little brother craig to describe something cool
Me:what do you think of fallout 3
by andy the badass July 18, 2009
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