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1. The (former) plastics capitol of the world.

2. Soon to become as bad a gangster hood as Fitchburg.

3. The BETTER twin of the two Twin Cities.

4. The birthplace of the infamous Johnny Appleseed
I live in Leominster, Massachusetts
by J Appleseed March 25, 2005
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Leominster, MA is the bestest city in New England. Our rivals are fitchburg and fitchburg sucks so dont go there. We rule, you dont.
by coolpersonjknotreally May 23, 2011
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hick town where the only other town people know of is fitchburg (where they go to sell drugs) and it has the faulous "Mall at Whitney Field" where the food court consists of an orange julius and a subway and you have to drive 80 miles to get to the nearest whatever your looking for
"alls i know is about my chickens and my pick- em- up truck"
by leominstersuxgotoframingham April 28, 2005
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A town in northern Herefordshire (note that the fourth letter is an E, not a T) in England. It is the second most populous town in the county after Hereford, being home to around 12 000 people. It is a quiet rural market town with many unique medieval and early modern black and white buildings. However, the town has gained a reputation in the surrounding area as a centre for crime and deprivation. People who think this are stuck-up, have clearly never travelled more than 10 miles from their rural homes, and are just picking on Leominster to mask the fact their own town or village is just as rough.

Often affectionately called Lemner by inhabitants

Not to be confused with Leominster, Massachusetts. Leominster, Herefordshire is the original Leominster so obviously the better one.
You're just jealous you don't live in Leominster, mate.
by albert bobbleford December 13, 2018
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