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A beautiful group of idiots/boys that have ruined my life for the greater good. Actual living memes and idiots who are high like 24/7.
Consists of:
Seongri*messes up your life in 0.2 seconds.
Wontak*starts singing and you forget what your doing.
Kiwon*an actual living fluff ball.
Daehyeon*rude...just rude.
Eunki*a actual queen.
Hyunmin*comes on screen drop phone or laptop.
Sunghyuk*looks 27 in music video but in reality is only 19.
Friend: Hey who is this 'Rainz' group u talk about?
Me: Were u raised in a barn it Rainz for fucks sake!!!
Friend: Geez they probably aren't that amazing.
Me: They are the kings from Produce 101 and deserve so much better. *shows pictures and music video of 'Turn it Up'.
Friend: Maybe they are good.
by Megpop363 May 26, 2018
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