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worse than a bitch, and a stupid person,

because their stupidity and bitchy-ness fills you up with enough fury to combine both words with "fucking"

Usually a slut.
Wow, look at the stupid fucking bitch, sucking my boyfriends dick.
by nothingswhatitseems August 09, 2012
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An animal that lacks the ability to construct social relationships because of it's toxic attitude. And because of this, the animal will eat any type of dog shit food until it develops excess body fat and becomes unable to move. You will commonly see a stupid fucking bitch yelling over stupid fucking shit it does not understand.

A stupid bitch commonly tries to control your life but lacks complete control over it's own life because there is no such thing as control. Only stupid people believe in control. Stupid fucking bitches try to control other people's lives.
The stupid fucking bitch is the final evolution of the stupid bitch. A stupid bitch has some merit to society which is what allows it to attract a mate, whereas a Stupid Fucking Bitch does not hold any merit whatsoever and is incapable of reproducing.
by TheAutisticHumanBeing February 18, 2019
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