when a person shows their dominance over someone. REAL ALPHA

stranger: hey man get out of my way

me: this is my territory man you get out of there

stranger: boy, if you don't get out, I'm bout to cap yo ass!


stranger: Ok alright man I'm sorry, you won't see me again

me: swa pow!

by Swa Pow March 10, 2022
A non offensive way to discribe a cunt!
Come here you sexy bitch and let me lick your minky til you cum!
by Royal General July 26, 2005
A nice piece of pussy to stick your length into
Loook at that Minky over there, i'd have a rip on it!
by Chris Lomas August 18, 2006
small skinny smart boy in mr feenies class. Cory matthews arch enemy
damn shes as smart as a minkis
by jen smith March 22, 2005
I put my cock in her minky

She had a nice minky
by Marma D August 28, 2003
A word used to describe a particularly sexy woman or women.
1. Check out that bit of minky over there...


2. The boozer is full of minky on Saturdays!
by Robbo February 2, 2004
Used to describe someone/something that is particularly dirty, smelly etc.
You're a pure minky basturt
by Stuvo C August 10, 2004