The clone of Austin Power's nemesis, Dr. Evil; apparently unable to speak, other than the ability to verbalize the vowel "e" every now and again; reportedly one eighth Dr. Evil's size; bites fiercely and especially hates Scott Evil
Mini-me quit humping the frickin' laser
by Moviefan671 February 6, 2004
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A miniture version of yourself.
No description. See above.
by lilshizzy July 19, 2004
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(noun) An extremely small character featured in Austin Powers movies.
All these Mini-Me's.
by Fangsta December 15, 2003
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Another person who is younger than you, who is very like you and seems to take after you. You, therefore, are their maxi-me.
You and Rosie are so weirdly alike. She is definitely your mini-me.
by Vodkamonster November 24, 2008
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Dr. Evil's clone who is 1/8 his size. Doesn't say much except for "eeeeeeeeeee" (although one time in a rap song of 'just the two of us' he did say 'YOU AND I' in a very low voice). Has such a big ass dick that Nigel Powers says he can use it as a kickstand. Favorite pastimes include eating chocolate and humping the frickin' laser.
Mini Me (writing): Are you sure you don't have a little clone in you?
Foxxy Cleopatra: Yeah. I'm sure.
Mini Me (writing): Would you like to?
by TenInchPlaya October 15, 2006
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little short dude who says "eee"
when mini me runs into the wall..."eeeeeeeeeeeeeee BAM!"
by julia October 28, 2003
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(adjective) Exceedingly small; restricted in size by comparison with most others of the same kind or class.
(overheard in an office with shared cubicles) "Why do I always get this mini-me chair? I cant even reach the desk!" or... "I used to drive a station-wagon. Now I can't even fit my groceries in this stupid mini-me car."
by {M} June 6, 2005
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