a music entertainment or agency in korea which consists of korean boy groups like seventeen and nuest and korean girl groups like afterschool and orange caramel
friend: what entertainment do you stan?

me: oh pledis :-)
by stupidnoona May 1, 2016
a shit kpop entertainment company that holds hostage pristin and after school. seventeen is lucky to have made it big in the music industry knowing that they are managed by pledis. they got successful bc they are the one of most talented boygroup i know. stan seventeen girlies
pledis ent: *breathes*
carat 1: wow pledis fucked up again
carat 2: bring us pristin back or im suing
carat 3: *praying* god thank you for keeping seventeen safe once again from this vicious monster names pledis... thankyou for keeping them successful... im asking once again to bring pristin back or to debut a girl group with kaeun and yunjin
by ihatepledis March 7, 2019
An entertainment company that doesn’t know how to fucking manage their girl group. STILL HAVEN’T FORGIVEN YOU FOR PRISTIN
Which company is the worst in your opinion?
Oh I think pledis is the worst
by Kpa_5 December 14, 2020