The roughed up, swollen and engorged appearance of your mate's bung hole after a punishing, yet pleasurable, bout of ass play.
Roger worked Tina'a booty good and left her with her ass up and dripping mincemeat.
by Eaton Holgoode November 23, 2016
sliced meat that is cookable and therefore edible

can be added into tacos, chillies,
by ironed and smoked legos June 3, 2022
p1: mincemeat anyone?

p2: yea im down
nub: dumb swear word yall mean minecraft
by IEatRattata October 9, 2020
a woman who chops off her son's or husband's penis and eats it. (group called a colony)
Get away from her! She's one of those crazy mincemeats!
by boogiemaneatyou June 1, 2011
An insanely delicious pie made of apples, peaches, cherries, raisins, and other tart fruits. It is the best pie ever made, with the exception perhaps of pumpkin pie. Typically served with egg-nog at Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.
"Oh man, I just ate five slices of mincemeat pie."
"Yeah, well, go eat more, son."
by Phaedrus Raen November 27, 2005
When you are eating out a pussy so nasty you throw up into said pussy. That is a mincemeat pie.
Sarah hadn't showered in a week, I couldn't help it; I gave her a mincemeat pie
by dabadabadooee July 23, 2006