1. bench warming
2. water boy
3. play basketball twenty-four seven
1 & 2. "Hey, is anyone doin' the mikee's today"
3. "Are you pro, do you mikee?"
by crew2010 March 06, 2008
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a spicy individual who has it all.

The definition of "hype"

A role model for all ages
by spicy spag bowl May 30, 2018
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Cool person who likes to play basketball, best looking, athletic, unique, intelligent, can cookand clean, friendly (unless you get on his bad side), good dancer, weird, ladies if he isn't your bf you missin out, always thinks about the saying "no chest no sex", and really annoying but worth it.
You're just lIke MIKEE!!
by YoucuntCme March 15, 2017
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