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Radio show on ESPN Radio that features "Greeny and Golic", that has somehow gained popularity despite their little knowledge of any other sport other than football.
Golic played football in the NFL and has some street credit and can actually discuss the game. Greeny on the other hand has no experience and a chip on his shoulder to be as popular a Golic. Greeny often can only refer to his NY football Jets, enen though they arent a popular team that America can relate to, are unsuccessful and the second most popular team in their city. People often change the station when he brings the jets up.

Both also shamelessly whore themself out to promote products in the middle of their show and during commercials. ESPN has done this for years, but pretty much the show is one big commercial now. Bad acting is also accociated with these two. For example" Hey Golic?????"----Yessss Greeeennnyyyy??? then promote JC Penny.

Another stand out quality is that both will never take a stand or have an opinion on a touchy subject, because they dont want to offend anyone. If a FAMOUS athlete commits a crime, and it is breaking news, they will not let any opinion out. Just access the situation like a news talk show. This is because they always want to have the guest on and dont want to get ESPN in trouble by offending anyone. They dont know what sports journalism is.
i had a long road trip and took off real early in the morning. i was listening to Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio, but had to change it. Jets? Who cares? TO had just killed someone and they both said it was no one's fault.
i barfed and changed it to Rock!
by listners February 27, 2009
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