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a being that is super overprotective, she will tag along with you everywhere and she will do anything to save you even if it means for her to die
Mikasa Ackerman: eren i will save you from the titans
Eren: no mikasa i can save myself
Mikasa: *saves eren anyways*
by its_lemon January 20, 2015
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A lead female character from a hit anime and manga series, Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Mikasa has had a tragic past, having her parents be murderd in front of her at the age of 9, and her being kidnapped. She is saved by Eren Jeager who saved her by stabbing the two men that kidnapped her. He gives her his crimson red scarf, which she NEVER takes off. Erens family took her in for a year before wall Maria's fall. After joining the Corps with Eren and her childhood friend Armin, she continues on to fight Titans. She is very strong, physically and most of the time emotionally.


Eren Jaeger
The relationship between these two is a confusing one. They aren't brother and sister, since she was never adopted into his family, but evidence can prove she has romantic feelings for Eren. She is very protective over him, and he is her reason to keep fighting and living on. It is unknown if he returns these feelings, because of his sometimes harsh attitude towards her, but the reason he acts this way is because HE wants to protect HER. The scarf he gave her represents the red string of fate, which in Japan means a unbreakable bond between lovers or soulmates.

Armin Arlert
He is a childhood friend of Mikasas.

Annie Leonheart
Mikasas main rival, she hates her guts.

Levi Ackerman

Could be her distant relative, it is unclear how. She takes a strong disliking and hatred twords him for nearly beating the crap out of Eren.
Mikasa Ackerman is worth 1000 soldiers
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by EremikaIScanon October 10, 2016
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